A Bob Dylan / Adele cover

Make You Feel My Love

My friend Amanda moved back to BC earlier this year. Prior to leaving Ottawa, she wanted to sing and record Bob Dylan’s “Make You Feel My Love”. This song, while initially written by Bob Dylan, was first recorded by Billy Joel. Since then, it has been recorded by numerous artists, including Garth Brooks, Kelly Clarkson, Bryan Ferry, and most recently, Adele. I based our cover on the Adele version.

Amanda and I have played and recorded a whole bunch of covers together, including songs by Rihanna, and Norah Jones, so I was interested to see how this cover would turn out.

The recording process was relatively simple: I played and recorded the piano parts ahead of time, and Amanda came over and sang the vocals through a USB microphone connected to my laptop in my living room. We recorded about 3 takes of the vocals, a couple of harmonies, and I mixed everything using Logic Pro X.

I then had the bright idea of adding cello to the mix (I have a bright idea about once every 6 months). I met up with my friend Jenn, who is an amazing cello player, with my mic and laptop and we recorded the cello parts in her living room.

Once I had all the tracks, I picked the best parts, mixed everything, and added some reverb. Here is the final recording:


Thanks for reading! (and listening!)


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